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10/17/2019 Application Insights General Availability Variable data retention for Azure Monitor Application Insights is now generally available. Link Link Details
10/15/2019 Application Insights New Features The release of the Application Insights for ASP.NET Core 2.8.0 for web applications and the Application Insights for .NET Core Worker Service 2.8.0 for non-web applications delivers new value to developers including: Support for more applications types. New alertable metrics. Support for ASP.NET Core 3.0. Cross-vendor distributed tracing. Link Link Details
10/14/2019 Application Insights Region Update Azure Application Insights is now generally available in the Brazil South region. Link Link Details
10/3/2019 Application Insights Region Update Azure Application Insights is now generally available in the North Central US region. Link Link Details
8/26/2019 Application Insights Preview Features It’s now possible to configure the data retention on your Azure Monitor Application Insights resources from 30 days up to 730 days. To change the retention, from your Application Insights resource, go to the Usage and Estimated Costs page and select the Data Retention option. Billing for additional retention is expected to start in November 2019 following the same pricing as used for all Azure Monitor log data retention. Link Link Details
8/13/2019 Application Insights General Availability Announcing Azure Monitor Application Insights Status Monitor v2 is now generally available. Status Monitor v2 is a PowerShell module that provides codeless instrumentation of .NET web apps hosted with IIS. Telemetry from Status Monitor v2 is sent to Application Insights in the Azure Portal, where you can monitor your app. Status Monitor v2 can provide observability to your running web applications with as little as two PowerShell commands, even if you do not have access to modify the underlying code of your application. Link Link Details
7/3/2019 Application Insights Region Update Azure Application Insights is now generally available in China East 2 Region. Link Link Details
6/18/2019 Application Insights Retiring Features We had started communicating last year that the Application Insights Connector which provided a way to export Application Insights data to a Log Analytics workspace will retire on June 30, 2019. After that time, any Connectors you have will stop working. Instead of the Connector, you can directly access Application insights data in Azure Monitor Applications, store it for an extended period of time (in preview) and query it using Log Analytics. You can also perform cross-resource queries and view multiple Azure Monitor Application Insights resources. Link Link Details
5/28/2019 Application Insights Region Update AppInsights is now available in US West. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Application Insights New Features Application Insights SDK for Java workloads now fully supports W3C and provides monitoring support for Async Java apps with manual instrumentation API. Improved ILogger logs collection support for .NET Core apps and support for Live Metrics Stream for Node.JS apps. Link Link Details

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