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6/10/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features We are pleased to announce calculation groups are now officially in public preview for Azure Analysis Services! Link Link Details
6/10/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features Public preview of many-to-many relationships in Azure Analysis Services has been announced. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 App Services Preview Features A new service, application change analysis, is available for App Services in public preview. This detects ARM changes, config changes and deployment changes and reports to Azure Monitor. Link Link Details
4/26/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features A new governance setting for cache refreshes from Azure Analysis Services. This will allow one to use ClientCacheRefreshPolicy to disable automatic cache refreshes. Link Link Details
5/8/2018 Media Services Preview Feature Starting today, developers can begin working with the public preview of the new Azure Media Services API (v3). The new API provides a simplified development model, enables a better integration experience with key Azure services like Event Grid and Functions, includes two new media analysis capabilities, and provides a new set of SDKs for .NET, .NET Core, Java, Go, Python, and Node.js! Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature We’re also announcing new Cognitive Services labs, providing developers with an early look at the emerging Cognitive Services technologies, such as: Project Answer Search – enables you to enhance your users’ search experience by automatically retrieving and displaying commonly known facts and information from across the internet. Project URL Preview - informs your users’ social interactions by enabling creation of web page previews from a given URL or flagging adult content to suppress it. Project Anomaly Finder enables developers to monitor their data over time and detect anomalies by automatically applying a statistical model. Project Conversation Learner by invite - enables you to build and teach conversational interfaces that learn directly from example interactions. Spanning a broad set of task-oriented use cases, Project Conversation Learner applies machine learning behind the scenes to decrease manual coding of dialogue control logic. Project Personality Chat – available soon by invitation– makes intelligent agents more complete and conversational by handling common small talk in a consistent tone and fallback responses. Give your agent a personality by choosing from multiple default personas, and enhance it to create a character that aligns with your brand voice. Project Ink Analysis – available soon by invitation- provides digital ink recognition and layout analysis through REST APIs. Using various machine learning techniques, the service analyzes the ink stroke input and provides information about the layout and contents of those ink strokes. Project Ink Analysis can be used for a variety of scenarios that involve ink to text as well as ink to shape conversions. Link Link Details
4/25/2018 Analysis Services New Feature We are pleased to announce Azure Analysis Services now provides integration with cloud data sources residing on Azure Virtual Networks (VNets). Organizations use VNets for enhanced security and isolation. Cloud data sources such as Azure SQL DW and Azure Database can be secured with VNet endpoints. Link Link Details
2/15/2018 Analysis Services Region Update Azure Analysis Services is now available in Central US. Link Link Details
1/16/2018 Analysis Services Region Update We are excited to share that Azure Analysis Services is now available in 4 additional regions including East US, West US 2, USGov-Arizona and USGov-Texas. Link Details
1/4/2018 Analysis Services New Features We are pleased to introduce the REST API for Azure Analysis Services. Using any programming language that supports REST calls, you can now perform asynchronous data-refresh operations. This includes synchronization of read-only replicas for query scale out. Link Link Details

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