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9/17/2019 Analysis Services Updated Features Synchronization of query replicas in Azure Analysis Services scale-out environments now uses an optimized copy API, which significantly reduces synchronization time on average. The new behavior applies to synchronization operations by default. Scale-out in Azure Analysis Services enables client query distribution across query replicas, reducing response times for high-concurrency workloads. Query replica synchronization copies the data files to a blob storage location dedicated to the query replica instances (separate from the primary-instance location). Link Link Details
9/12/2019 Cognitive Services Updated Features Cognitive Services Text Analytics has a new sentiment analysis capability supporting Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages in addition to the previously announced English language model. The three sentiment analysis V3 models are now available in the following regions: Australia East, Central Canada, Central US, East Asia, East US, East US 2, North Europe, Southeast Asia, South Central US, UK South, West Europe, and West US 2. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 Analysis Services Updated Features The 1.0.8 version of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements Preview support for ARM64 on Linux Module twins are now encrypted at rest when cached on an IoT Edge device Performance improvements for uploading messages from Edge Hub to the cloud Increased reliability for syncing twin updates with the cloud Improved stability on ARM32 Link Link Details
6/10/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features We are pleased to announce calculation groups are now officially in public preview for Azure Analysis Services! Link Link Details
6/10/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features Public preview of many-to-many relationships in Azure Analysis Services has been announced. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 App Services Preview Features A new service, application change analysis, is available for App Services in public preview. This detects ARM changes, config changes and deployment changes and reports to Azure Monitor. Link Link Details
4/26/2019 Analysis Services Preview Features A new governance setting for cache refreshes from Azure Analysis Services. This will allow one to use ClientCacheRefreshPolicy to disable automatic cache refreshes. Link Link Details
4/25/2018 Analysis Services New Feature We are pleased to announce Azure Analysis Services now provides integration with cloud data sources residing on Azure Virtual Networks (VNets). Organizations use VNets for enhanced security and isolation. Cloud data sources such as Azure SQL DW and Azure Database can be secured with VNet endpoints. Link Link Details
2/15/2018 Analysis Services Region Update Azure Analysis Services is now available in Central US. Link Link Details
1/16/2018 Analysis Services Region Update We are excited to share that Azure Analysis Services is now available in 4 additional regions including East US, West US 2, USGov-Arizona and USGov-Texas. Link Details

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