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2/19/2019 API Management Updated Features On February 14, we started a regular Azure API Management service update. The update includes bug fixes, changes, and new features including updates to policy, RSACertificateExtension support, ability to change publisher email/organization name without restarting APIM and more. Link Link Details
2/15/2019 Sphere Preview Features The Azure Sphere 19.02 release is available today. In our second quarterly release after public preview, our focus is on broader enablement of device capabilities, reducing your time to market with new reference solutions, and continuing to prioritize features based on feedback from organizations building with Azure Sphere. Link Link Details
2/15/2019 Monitor New Features Today, we are excited to release multi-resource support for metric alerts in Azure Monitor to help you set up critical alerts at scale. Metric alerts in Azure Monitor work on a host of multi-dimensional platform and custom metrics, and notify you when the metric breaches a threshold that was either defined by you or detected automatically. Link Link Details
2/15/2019 Site Recovery New Features We are happy to share that with the latest Azure Site Recovery (ASR) update, you can now protect business critical applications running in Storage Spaces Direct. The ASR support of storage spaces direct allows you to take your higher availability application and make it more resilient by providing a protection against region level failure. Link Link Details
2/15/2019 Power BI Embedded Preview Features Service principal support for authentication (preview) is now available for applications using Power BI Embedded. Service principal with Power BI Embedded enhances deployment, security, and lifecycle management, allowing applications to authenticate without the requirement for a Power BI Pro user. Service principal is the recommended authentication method to use with Power BI Embedded. Link Link Details
2/15/2019 Kubernetes Service Security Update A security vulnerability was announced recently in runC, the low-level container runtime that supports Docker and associated container engines, which affects Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). As a best practice, we'll apply the Open Container Initiative (OCI) update to applicable services that we maintain. Microsoft has built a new version of the Moby container runtime that includes the OCI update to address this vulnerability. To consume that new container runtime release, you'll need to upgrade your Kubernetes cluster. Any upgrade will suffice, because it will ensure that all existing nodes are removed and replaced with new nodes that include the patched runtime. Link Link Details
2/13/2019 IoT Edge Security Update Microsoft has built a new version of the Moby container runtime (v3.0.4) that includes the Open Container Initiative (OCI) update to address this vulnerability. We highly recommend that you update the container runtime on your IoT Edge device. Link Link Details
2/13/2019 Service Bus Preview Features We're pleased to announce our first preview release of a new package for using Azure Service Bus from your Node.js services. This package provides concise idioms for sending and receiving messages over the AMQP 1.0 protocol as implemented by the github.com/amqp/rhea package. Get started by running `npm install @azure/service-bus` and following our samples in JavaScript or TypeScript. Link Link Details
2/13/2019 Automation New Features Azure Automation now supports the Azure PowerShell Az module. With this support, you can take advantage of the latest Azure modules in your Automation PowerShell runbooks that manage Azure services. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 IoT Edge New Features Today, we’re excited to offer the open-source Azure IoT Edge runtime preinstalled on Ubuntu virtual machines to make it even easier to get started, simulate an edge device, and scale out your automated testing. Link Link Details

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