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10/20/2019 Storage General Availability With the release of large file shares, a single standard file share in a general purpose account can now support up to 100 TiB capacity, 10K IOPS, and 300 MiB/s throughput. All premium file shares in Azure FileStorage accounts currently support large file shares by default. Large file shares now has: Ability to upgrade existing general purpose storage accounts and existing file shares. Ability to opt in for larger files shares at a storage account instead of subscription level. Expanded regional coverage. Support for both locally redundant and zonal redundant storages. Improvements in the performance and scale of sync to work better with larger file shares. Visit Azure File Sync scalability targets to keep informed of the latest scale. Link Link Details
10/20/2019 DevOps New Features In the latest Azure DevOps update, we added new Microsoft Teams apps for Azure Boards and Azure Repos. The Azure Boards app will let you monitor work item activity and create work items from your Microsoft Teams channel. On the other hand, the Azure Repos app will allow you to monitor your repositories and get notified whenever code is pushed or checked in, pull requests (PR) are created, PRs are updated, and other activities in your Microsoft Teams channel. Link Details
10/20/2019 Virtual Machines New Features As part of Azure’s ongoing commitment to providing industry-leading performance, we are announcing enhancements to enable support for all MPI implementations and versions, and RDMA verbs for InfiniBand-equipped virtual machines, beginning with NCv3 coming in early November 2019. The upgrade WILL INVOLVE SERVER DOWNTIME on a regional basis and, if you intend to utilize the InfiniBand network using MPI, this REQUIRES AN UPDATE TO YOUR VMs. The current schedule for the updates is as follows: November 19, 2019 - UK South November 20, 2019 - US East November 21, 2019 - Canada Central; UK South; India Central November 22, 2019 - West US 2 November 23, 2019 - West Europe; Japan East November 25, 2019 - Australia East; Korea Central; Asia Southeast Link Link Details
10/20/2019 Backup General Availability Azure Backup support for larger and more powerful Azure Managed Disks of up to 32 TB is now generally available. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Application Insights General Availability Variable data retention for Azure Monitor Application Insights is now generally available. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Virtual Machines New Features Performance-optimized storage configuration capabilities for virtual machines (VMs) registered with SQL VM Resource Provider are now available. This feature automates storage configuration according to performance best practices for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines through Azure portal or Azure quickstart templates when creating a SQL VM. Automated performance best practices include separating data and log files, cache configuration for Premium SSD, support for Temp DB on local disk, support for Ultra Disks to host data, log, or Temp DB files and database engine only images. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Kubernetes Service New Features AKS-Engine is now supported for China regions. Azure Monitor for containers has updated the agent to support pod annotation settings. Grafana dashboard template is now available for out-of-the-box metrics collected by Azure Monitor for containers. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Monitor Region Update Azure Monitor for containers is now generally available in the Azure US Government region. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Site Recovery Updated Features Operating system updates to the Windows servicing stack and SHA-2 are required for some Azure VMs and on-premises VMware VMs/physical servers replicating to Azure for disaster recovery. The updates are needed from version 9.30.xx (expected to be released early November 2019) of the Mobility service extension (Azure VMs) and Mobility service agent (VMware VMs/physical servers). SHA-1 is no longer supported, and if SHA-2 code signing isn't enabled, the extension/agent won't install or update as needed. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Container Registry Region Update Azure Container Registry is now generally available in UAE North. Link Link Details

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