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4/23/2019 HDInsight Region Update Azure HDInsight is now available in China East 2. In total, four regions are available in China: China East, China North, China North 2 and China East 2. Link Link Details
4/23/2019 Resource Graph Preview Features Azure resources get changed through the course of daily use, reconfiguration, and even redeployment. Change can come from an individual or by an automated process, but while most change is by design, any change could cause crucial security, compliance, or operational issues. With the last 14 days of resource changes, the new Change History capability within the Azure Resource Graph API enables you to: Find when changes were detected on an Azure Resource Manager property. See what properties changed as part of that change event. Link Link Details
4/23/2019 Virtual Network Preview Features Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Connectivity allows you to bring your private IPv6 space into Azure and enables connectivity over IPv6 within your Virtual Networks. This enables you to address IPv4 depletion, meet regulatory requirements and expand into the growing mobile and IoT markets with your Azure-based applications. Link Link Details
4/23/2019 DevOps New Features We’re excited to roll out another way to integrate your pull requests in Azure Repos. Arriving in the Sprint 150 update is an option to rebase your pull request into the target branch. This lets you keep a linear commit history in your master branch, which many people think is an elegant way to visualize history. Link Details
4/23/2019 DevOps Updated Features DevOps Sprint 150 brings the GA of the dark theme, a task assistant for editing YAML, team board badging and the GA of analytics. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 SQL Data Warehouse General Availability We’re excited to share more ways to optimize your Azure costs. Today we are releasing the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse reserved capacity and software plans for RedHat Enterprise Linux and SUSE. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Cost Management General Availability We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Cost Management features for all Pay-As-You-Go and Azure Government customers that will greatly enhance your ability to analyze and proactively manage your cloud costs. These features will allow you to analyze your cost data, configure budgets to drive accountability for cloud costs, and export pre-configured reports on a schedule to support deeper data analysis within your own systems. This release for Pay-As-You-Go customers also provides invoice reconciliation support in the Azure portal via a usage csv download of all charges applicable to your invoices. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Batch Updated Features Updates to Azure Batch today include Task resource files, max lifetime, new retention time defaults, pod updates and more. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Monitor General Availability New Azure Monitor alerts experience is now available in Azure Government. The new alerts experience in Azure Monitor brings together the configuration and consumption of all the different alerts in a single place. As part of this update, multi-dimensional metric alerts are also available in Azure Government. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Monitor Region Update Azure Monitor for containers is now available in Azure China. Azure Monitor for containers provides end to end Kubernetes monitoring for AKS from infrastructure to the workloads. Link Link Details

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